E-Book (PDF):The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge

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EIR’s comprehensive study of the progress of the World Land-Bridge project which Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have initiated.

PDF E-Book

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  • Part 1 • Introduction
  • The New Silk Road Leads to the Future of Mankind!
    The Coming Fusion Power Economy on the Basis of Helium-3
    An Explosion of BRICS Initiatives
    World Land-Bridge Network — Key Links and Corridors — Map — Descriptions
  • Part 2 • The Metrics of Progress
    Energy-Flux Density: Global Measure of Economic Progress
    The Principle of the Development Corridor
    Financing the Global Land-Bridge 2064
    Expand Nuclear Power for the World’s Survival
    Solve the World Water Crisis
    Appendix: Initiatives for Nuclear Desalination
  • Part 3 • China: Silk Road to Development and Peace
    China Becomes a Model Among Nations: A Science-Driver Approach to Lift Up Mankind
    China’s New Silk Road: Changing the Paradigm Toward Global Development
    Appendix: China’s Silk Road – Pathway to a New Human Civilization
  • Part 4 • Russia’s Mission in North Central Eurasia and the Arctic
    Russia, Eurasia’s Keystone Economy, Looks East
    Tumen River Initiative: A Step for Peace in Northeast Asia
  • Part 5 • South and Central Asia: From Arc of Crisis to Corridors of Development
    India Is Ready to Fulfill Its Legacy of Leadership
    Bringing High-Technology Development to South Asia
    Central Asia: Ending Geopolitics
    Appendix: The Industrial Development of Afghanistan and Central Asia: A Russian Vision
  • Part 6 • Southwest Asia: Crossroads of the Continents
    Southwest Asia and the Eurasian Land-Bridge
  • Part 7 • The Crucial Contributions of East and Southeast Asia
    Japan Must Return to Leadership in Nuclear EnergyThe Mekong Development Project: A TVA for Southeast Asia
    Thailand’s Kra Canal: Keystone for South Asian Development
    Connecting Indonesia to the Eurasian Mainland
  • Part 8 • Australia—Driver for Pacific Development
    A Vision To Bring Australia into the Land-Bridge Process
  • Part 9 • Europe—Western Pole of the New Silk Road
    Germany: The Key to European Integration into the New Silk Road
    Greece and a Marshall Plan for the Mediterranean
    Italy: Build the Mezzogiorno, and a New Renaissance
    Spain: The World Land-Bridge’s Bridge to African Development
  • Part 10 • Africa — Test for Global Progress
    A Nuclear-Based Infrastructure Platform Is Necessary for Africa’s Future
    Appendices: The Transaqua Project, Africa Pass
  • Part 11 • Bringing the Western Hemisphere On Board
    Rediscovering the Americas
    North America: Restoring the American System
    President Kennedy Would Be Building the World Land-Bridge
  • Part 12 • Fighting for International Development
    LaRouche’s 40-Year Record — Fighting for International Development
    Development Models
    —Tennessee Valley Authority: Great Projects Make Great Nations
    —Deng Xiaoping’s China Miracle
    —The South Korea Model: How to Transform an Impoverished Nation into a Modern Economy
  • Part 13 • Epilogue
    Dump Geopolitics, and Create a Future for Humanity